1 Apr 2012

Last Updated:
1 Jun 2016

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Highly customizable
Three column


Infinite 3. Cooler than a polar bear's toenails. Finally. We have infinite 3 - Cooler, sexier, bigger and better.

Up to 5 columns of posts - Infinite 2 only supported up to 3 columns of posts. So now you can have up to 5.

Post padding - You can easily change the space between posts by changing the padding in pixels (defaults to 15 pixels)

Infinite scroll

Optional Hover Controls - You can choose to have tumblr controls such as reblog, like and notes on the hover of posts.

Fade in posts - Turn this on if you want your posts to fade in when somebody hovers over them.

Post Shadow - Add a cool looking dropshadow to your posts.

Show Captions - You can show or hide captions on the home page of your blog.

Textured Background - Plain colour backgrounds are pretty boring - tick this option to give a plain colour a more pro look.

Social - Facebook, Twitter & Google+ buttons on permalink pages

Tumblr like and reblog - Users can like & reblog posts from the home page of your blog - This is new to infinite.


This is for tumblr users
and their personal blogs.


For portfolios, company blogs
all theme links removed.