12 Jun 2013

Last Updated:
6 Oct 2015

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Highly customizable
Four column


This is Infinite. It's been almost three years since the first release of Infinite hit tumblr. The latest version demonstrates how far web technologies have advanced since then.

Smart Columns - Choose any number posts and make the grid use the whole screen.

iPad optimized - iPad users will see your posts in 2 columns.

Full Screen Background - Use a photo as your background. This will fill the whole screen.

Highlight posts - Add a tag of #highlight to your post to make it stand out on your blog. The post will become enlarged.

1 Click Like & Reblog - Straight from the home page, no need to visit the permalink.

Social - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google + buttons on the permalink pages.

4 Post display states - Either show posts on their own, posts with a caption, posts with tumblr controls or show all.

Google Analytics - Just paste in your Google Analytics ID and that's it.


This is for tumblr users
and their personal blogs.


For portfolios, company blogs
all theme links removed.