11 Feb 2014

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1 Apr 2014

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This is all about the photos. The flexible and highly customizable theme is perfect for fashion bloggers.

Smart Columns - Choose any number posts and make the grid use the whole screen.

Alternate headers - Choose between a top menu bar, centered page title and no header at all. Check the previews for an example.

iPad optimized - iPad users will see your posts in 2 columns.

Full Screen Background - Use a photo as your background. This will fill the whole screen.

Highlight posts - Add a tag of #highlight to your post to make it stand out on your blog. The post will become enlarged.

1 Click Like & Reblog - Straight from the home page, no need to visit the permalink.

Social/Widgets - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google + buttons on the permalink pages. Instagram and twitter feed on home page + Google Analytics.

4 Post display states - Either show posts on their own, posts with a caption, posts with tumblr controls or show all.


This is for tumblr users
and their personal blogs.


For portfolios, company blogs
all theme links removed.